A Haunted House
Ah, the spoof movie, a genre so rich with history and so bleak in its current form that I find the prospect of these pieces of garbage almost exhausting. Gone are the days, the heyday of the spoof, the Eighties when we were treated to the Airplane’s, Top Secret’s, Naked Gun’s and Mel Brooks’ movies of the world. Those films, penned by actual comedic talents who dissected the ridiculous nature of movie plot points and character archetypes. These parodies (and there are others, I just highlighted a few) have staying power because they picked apart Hollywood and the zeitgeist both subtly and overtly while displaying the patently ridiculous and razor thin line movies often walk.

But that’s all gone now. Sure we’ll get a Hot Fuzz (91%) or Kung Fu Hustle (90%) here and there. But more often these parody flicks are made just to have a not-really-funny title, a play on a popular genre like Vampires Suck (4%) or Not Another Teen Movie (28%). Or the movie makers didn’t even bother with a shred of creativity and just named it Disaster Movie (2%) or Superhero Movie (16%).

In fact, the spoof movie culture has gone even deeper down the rabbit hole, not content with just making fun of entire genres, but drilling down to sub groups. In A Haunted House, Marlon Wayans (Scary Movie 2-15%, Dance Flick-18%) and company have set their comedic-less laser beam on the fixed-camera/ Paranormal Activity/ things that go bump in the night movie to decidedly horrific results. In spite of myself, I actually kept waiting to laugh, feeling as if there existed, somewhere a good joke or two about these films. But instead it was your standard “farts are funny” or “ghosts smoking pot are funny” gags and it obviously looks terrible. Funny people are off doing other things. The Rotten Watch for A Haunted House is 8%

Which Rotten movie will have the highest final Tomatometer score?

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