Closed Circuit
I wonder how this film’s production team reacted to the news over the last few months. The major themes of this movie are a high profile/ mysterious terrorist bombing and the idea of government “spying” on all of our comings and goings. So they’re putting together this movie and within a few months of this spring and summer we have the Boston Marathon bombing and Edward Snowden leaking the NSA’s eavesdropping tendencies when I’m calling my bros to discuss fantasy baseball trades. (Get out of my business government!) But in all seriousness, these kind of parallels (even if horrible and reprehensible) can make movies like this “relevant” in the face of inevitable mediocrity.

But short of the coincidental connections to a couple of high profile events, is there anything to get excited about in this movie? Government agency/ espionage/ thriller flicks are a dime a dozen and far too often rely on tired tropes like Big Brother getting up in our lives (even if it is true!) or choreographed twists and turns (the good guy’s really the bad guy!) causing the flick to fall flat. I can see that happening with this film. It’s not that it looks bad, it just looks ordinary.

Director John Crowley’s previous film work (Boy A-88%, Intermission-73%) has been well received, and he’s a noted stage director. That being said, I’m having trouble giving his latest a score in line with the rest of his resume. Judging by the late summer release date and retread themes I see this coming in around the middle. The Rotten Watch for Closed Circuit is 54%

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