Escape From Planet Earth
I was going to open this section claiming that if there was a wiki page for “Production Hell”, Escape from Planet Earth would be one of the lead examples, floundering for the better part of six years struggling to get into theaters. Then I looked and realized there is such a page, development hell and this movie isn’t on it. But it probably should be. It’s involved the Weinsteins, lawsuits over proceeds, multiple rewrites, and Brendan Fraser (not really a direct problem, but he’s rarely involved in anything good).

Now it’ll finally see the light of the theater, in all of it’s 3D computer animated “glory”. It centers around a group of aliens attempting to escape from Area 51, a holding area for hilarious and cute extra-terrestrials. Not being a huge fan of the animated fare, and being older than seven, this movie has little juice around the Rotten Offices. And honestly, the struggle it took to get out to theaters is probably a bad sign for its critical chances. Rare is the quality flick that can’t get completed.

Animated features don’t often outright bomb. I don’t think this will either. But with the amount of quality pumped out by Pixar and Dreamworks, the animated bar is set fairly high. I doubt this comes into that class. The Rotten Watch for Escape From Planet Earth is 39%

Which Rotten movie will have the highest final Tomatometer score?

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