Recapping last week:

What a disaster that Iron Man 3 (Predicted: 91% Actual: 79%) won’t go into the Rotten Win column. With more than fifty reviews in at the time of my write up, and it sitting at 93%, this looked like an easy one. I knocked a few points down and called it a day. But then the rest of the reviews came in, about one hundred seventy-five of them and the flick averaged around a 74% over the course of the week. That caused enough of a dip to knock my prediction out of range. The movie still sits on a more than solid score, but I should have bumped my prediction down to account for the rest of the critical world. All in all, Tony Stark and company finish between the critical darling of the first movie and the second installment. But not adding it to the resume stings a little.

Next time around we trek into the darkness with Kirk, Spock and the rest of that enterprising crew. It’s going to be a Rotten Week!

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