Get on Up
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How long do you think it took to write the lyrics for "Get Up (I Feel Like Being A) Sex Machine"? Twenty minutes? Less? I mean with such masterstrokes as "Get on up.." or "Shake your arm, then use your form" or "get on up" again or "right on" repeated to infinity. The title of the song has almost as many unique words as the entirety of the lyrics. Genius. Just genius.

Check out a little of what I mean in the trailer for Get on Up,

My man Chadwick Boseman knows where his bread is buttered, and that is in biopics. Dude can’t not be in them. Starting with a minor role in Ernie Davis’s story The Express, and then graduating to the (ahem) big leagues as Jackie Robinson in 42, Boseman has experience in this particular kind of film. Now he’s playing James Brown in a story of the famous singer’s rise to fame, fortune and funk. Director Tate Taylor’s one big directorial work came in the form of the film adaptation The Help (76%), a fine, rather safe movie that went by the book in it’s voice and message. No controversy and nothing to get overly riled up about beyond the obvious. I suspect this movie will be much of the same. It’s doubtful the true story of James Brown would be an actual PG-13 flick (very much what I said about 42 at the time), but it's understandable that the filmmakers and the studio want it to play for multiple audiences.

This film is probably too safe to blow it out of the water with critics, though that same safety will keep it from heading toward the basement. Somewhere around the middle feels about right.

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