Movie 43
It’s a cast of thousands! Well not quite, but it might as well be. The ensemble cast, loosely connected storyline, comedy can be fraught with critical peril. Sure you’ve got the Love Actually’s (63%) of the world that not only didn’t get lost in the tangle of famous faces, but also somehow is gaining steam as a go-to Christmas movie. But then other holiday pieces of [email protected]#$ like Valentines’s Day (18%) and New Years Eve (7%) even out the ensemble goodwill. So who knows what to make of these movies?

Granted, Movie 43 appears a very different flick than those mentioned above both in it’s wider scope and Farrelly brothers brand (Peter Farrelly spearheaded the production) of off-color humor and dick//fart/poop jokes. So again, I’m confused.

Typically I spend this time discussing the director, or some of the key players but honestly, that’s a fools errand with this movie. To get the breadth and scope of the players involved just take a gander at the film’s Wikipedia page. Look at that list! More than twelve directors, literally a cast of thousands and Gerard Butler as a testicle-biting leprechaun. I mean what do you want from me here? On the surface I’d say this movie has bit off more than it can chew simply from a logistical standpoint. With this many moving parts, visions, and writing styles I’d say putting together a coherent flick is next to impossible. On the other hand, the home-schooling parents as typical bullying teenagers and Terrence Howard-as-basketball coach arcs look worth it on their own. I have a feeling there will be aspects and performances that work well independently, but asking the whole movie to stick as a collective unit is almost too difficult a landing to stick. I’ll put it right at the middle and cross my fingers. The Rotten Watch for Movie 43 is 50%

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