Black Nativity
Certain movies, like Homefront for example, are right up my alley. Others, not so much. Long time reader(s) of this column will note that I’m not particularly fond of musicals. Not to say I don’t watch them per se, I just don’t gravitate towards them on Netflix.* I have almost no desire to watch a movie in which the characters sing. The whole thing strikes me as very odd, almost meta (not in a good way), and renders the proceedings nearly unwatchable. I know this is contrarian in many movie circles, as there are a number of big screen musical classics. Just don’t ask me to sit down and watch them.

Leading me to Black Nativity. Based on the Langston Hughes play of the same name, Black Nativity follows Langston (Jacob Lattimore) as he moves in with his Reverend grandfather (Forrest Whitaker) and grandmother (Angela Bassett) in order to gain a little perspective about, I don’t know, singing maybe. Presumably there are lessons to be learned, songs to be sung, faith to divined from the spirit of the holidays. And unfortunately my perception of this is clouded by the thought of the characters belting out tune after tune and that little lump of dark black coal that sits where my heart should be.

Directed by Kasi Lemmons (Talk to Me-82% , Eve’s Bayou-80%), this movie will almost assuredly be a critical winner. The cast is strong, the director has some critical wins under her belt and the plot overtones simply appear too heartwarming and feel good to completely whiff this close to the holidays. In fact, I have a feeling all you non-Grinches who see it will leave the theater feeling a little better about the world. Hmm, maybe I need to start changing my tune on musicals (see what I did there?). The Rotten Watch for Black Nativity is 67%

*I caught myself here, as I almost said "video store" and then remembered it’s 2013 and the Blockbusters of the world have gone the way of the dinosaur, if the dinosaur went extinct because younger, hipper, more technologically savvy dinosaurs started something in their dorm room and blew the old T-Rex’s off the Earth.

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