The Last Exorcism Part II
Well it appears this movie is brought to you by a bunch of liars. See here’s the thing about contradiction, and I don’t take this thing lightly: how can one have both a “last” and a “part two”? It kind of takes the weight off one of them no? How can we believe you guys now? It’s like having a movie called The Very End of the World: Part II. Something just rings so false. They should have called this Hopefully the Last Exorcism or We’ll See, This’ll Probably be the Last Exorcism But No Promises.

Beyond just the flip-slopping title, I fully prepared to rip this thing, and I might still but for different reasons. I’d created a false memory in which the previous installment received an epic thrashing from critics. But then I was reminded The Last Exorcism (73%) wasn’t bad. Talk about a miss memory, I even predicted it at 68% in my original write-up. I must have been influenced by the endless run of terrible haunting/exorcism/horror movies between then and now. No other way to explain it. *

Sidenote: Up until this point in the writing I hadn’t actually watched the trailer yet. just wanted to bring you some of my initial thoughts. It’s like you’re in my head. Lucky. The sequel moves away from the “found footage” style and focuses on an adult Nell as she tries eighty-six that pesky Abalam. Demons can be such a drag though hiding in a New Orleans-ish, occult favoring town (judging by the trailer) doesn’t necessarily seem the way to go. I’d go to North Dakota. Literally nothing happens there and most demons seem to prefer a more temperate climate (anecdotal evidence only). Stylistically tough, the flick looks fairly sleek and I got a jump or two in there. Directed by Ed Gass-Donnelly (Small Town Murder Songs-79%, This Beautiful City-14%) this movie surely won’t finish as high as its predecessor but most likely avoids bottom-feeding horror status. Which is all fine, just don’t lie to us anymore. If it’s not the last one, just say so. The Rotten Watch for The Last Exorcism Part II is 39%

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