21 and Over
Being a few years removed from my twenty-first I have more enlightened view on the world and all of its nuance and wouldn’t be caught dead slugging down a Cement Mixer or Prairie Fire (anymore at least, I have before of course). With that in mind the trailer for this movie rubbed me completely the wrong way.

Brought to you and directed by the writers of The Hangover, this flick seems to employ much of the same escalating hijinks that define the “epic” night out. But unlike Phil, Alan and Stu’s adventure that chose to imply the drunken and drug-fueled means to rather hilarious ends (everything was just the aftermath of bad choices) or other single night movies that simply use unbridled youth to fan the fire of “awesome”, 21 and Over appears to choose to use the build up (namely drinking life-threatening amounts of booze) as the crux of its story, overtly celebrating the damn-the-man aspect of getting [email protected]#$faced. And at the risk of sounding curmudgeonly (I enjoy libations as much, if not more, than the next guy believe me) this flick almost seems irresponsible, bordering on damaging. Under the guise of, “You’re of age, it’s totally legal now,” (but really just a result of his friends peer pressuring him through the “Drink! Drink! Drink” reasoning) watching Jeff Chang puke and pass out his way through the hallowed doors of rather arbitrary, government-regulated adulthood raised my shackles a bit. I know that’s not the point of the flick. I know it’s supposed to celebrate the freedom of uncertainty and just in general be a vehicle to get the 15-23 male crowd out to the theaters. But come on.

Jon Lucas and Scott Moore penned The Hangover but they did away with much of the good will built up on that flick by writing The Change-Up (26%). Their latest, I believe, ends up lower than even that latter piece of garbage. It is hard to imagine many critics choosing to laud, in anyway, this stomach-pumping story arc. And I might be reading a little too much into it, or just might be turning into “the man” instead of the fun-loving young adult I imagine myself to be. The answer exists somewhere in between. Either way, I’m going basement level on this movie and will officially sew the “Boring Adult” patch on to my sleeve. The Rotten Watch for 21 and Over is 15%

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