Recapping last week:

Very nice comeback for the Rotten Watch. Very nice indeed. Coming off a week that saw me go an unprecedented two-for-two and get the critical prediction machine back on track.

The Rock took a slight turn for the dramatic in Snitch (Predicted: 52% Actual: 54%) and outpaced much of his other work. While not a critical darling by any means, this movie does represent a slight shift for the guy. Maybe he can act just a little. Who knew?

Meanwhile, Dark Skies (Predicted: 31% Actual: 38%) ended up right in range. Honestly, I regretted this prediction a little after post, thinking I’d gone way, way too high. Luckily more than a few critics saw merit in what appeared, on the surface, to be very stupid.

Next time around dead men go down and we head back to Oz. It’s going to be a Rotten Week!

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