The Guilt Trip
The last time I was in a car with my mom was yesterday taking her and my dad to the train station. In that brief ten minute road trip she lost her cell phone, had me call her cell phone four times before finding it, asked me to slow down three times, reminded me the owner’s manual was in the glove compartment and loved me unconditionally (even if I write things about her like this). Love you mom!

This flick looks like my trip, but less funny, hitting all the cliche’d comedy beats with Seth Rogen as me and Barbara Streisand as Momma Rotten Week. Honestly, it seems a bit lazy. A trailer does not a movie make, but if someone were asking what I thought would go into a mom and son road trip comedy I’d predict something like: odd sexual innuendo because someone confused their relationship. Mom saying embarrassing things at inopportune times. Mom and son accidentally ending up at a strip club together (and for some reason not immediately leaving). Mom doing all of the terrible driving. Mom swearing she will never do something, and then after “growing” does said thing (in this case picking up a hitchhiker). Basically, things that would never actually happen if one were to take an actual road trip with Momma Dukes.

*Things that weren’t in the trailer that I also would have predicted (and might actually be in the movie) would include: Mom walks in on son masturbating. Porn is accidentally ordered on a hotel television. Mom accidentally ingests psychedelic drugs/ pot brownies/ too much alcohol and runs amok. Mom, to aid in a situation, reveals she has some dormant criminal-ish skill the son never knew about. (examples: shooting a gun, hot-wiring a car). Kristy is reviewing it this week so hopefully she can weigh in if any of these are correct.

Anne Fletcher (The Proposal-43%, 27 Dresses-41%) turns her attention away from making below average rom-coms and focuses on making below average mom-coms. (Did I just coin a term? Ooh, I think I did.) I’d be shocked if this one finished above the fifty percent mark. It just looks too formula. The Rotten Watch for The Guilt Trip is 49%

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