Think Like a Man Too
Rotten Watch Prediction
Ever get the feeling Hollywood is just screwing with us and using their excuses for long weekend parties to finance and shoot movies? I imagine a couple of executives, actors, actresses and agents take a look at each other and say, "We should go to Vegas for the weekend." And then another chimes in that a good way go on the cheap would be to just film a movie while they were there. Hell, they can write the script on the drive/flight in.

Think I’m wrong about this? Take one look at the trailer for Think Like Man Too:

How else to explain this movie? The premise is as tired as it is unappealing. People go to Vegas under the auspices of something rather innocent, or at least tame. And then shit goes down and, Vegas Baby, VEGAS!!! In this sequel to a movie I barely remember writing about the first time, a group of couples and friends go to Vegas for bachelor/ bachelorette parties. If you can see all the beats in this movie playing out in your head it’s because we’ve all seen the flick before. Probably a few times.

Tim Story directed the original Think Like a Man (53%) which did rather mediocre with critics. But the rest of his resume leaves an awful lot to be desired. Films like Fantastic Four (27%) and more recently Ride Along (15%) point to a guy who puts together flicks without much care for how critics will receive his films. Or if he does, the execution is lacking. This film will score much lower than its predecessor if only because it appears to be a movie made a thousand times already.

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