The Collection
Look, I’ve stayed at a Super 8 before, so I think I have a bit of insight (or at least comparative reference) into what it’s like making a reservation at the Collector’s motel. Bloody surprises around every corner, infestations of tarantulas, deathly booby traps, [email protected]#$y turndown service, a dude in a back-tied leather mask taking “reservations”, walls covered in blood (and other “stuff”) and of course a one star continental breakfast. The corollaries are astounding really. I feel like I’ve been to his place before (I’m looking at you Super 8 Niagara Falls).

Not being a big horror movie dude (something I’ve written about more than a few times), I’ve never laid eyes on the first in this series, The Collector (30%) or any other of Marcus Dunstan’s screenwriting work (Saw IV, V, VIand 3D averaging 19% and Piranha 3DD-13%). So I’m probably not the best judge of what constitutes a quality horror flick. And by all accounts, the ones Dunstan’s been associated with have been epic pieces of steaming garbage. But dude might have pulled off a moderate miracle with this latest tale of psychopath turned hotel concierge because early reviews are kind of loving this sequel which is quasi-mind boggling.

This is a clear example of where a few early peeks at the movie will save my prediction. Devoid of info, I’d have most likely gone in the 25% range seeing as how Dunstan’s previous work consistently points to massive critical hate. But even a few positive reviews early mean this most likely won’t end completely in the toilet. Granted, early reviews tend to lean more positive (screeners for those known to trend favorably toward these types of horror films possibly) but this could end well on the right side of fifty percent. I think it dips significantly as more reviews come in, but well outpaces Dunstan’s resume. The Rotten Watch for The Collection is 59%

Which Rotten movie will have the highest final Tomatometer score?

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