Broken City
As I see it, this movie employs two archetypes reoccurring in movies over the course of cinematic history. One, is a character we also see in our own world. The other is something a bit more dramatic and manufactured, rarer in our reality. Let me describe them and you tell me which is which. First there is the well-coifed, power-hungry, narcissistic, sociopathic, douchebaggy, egomaniac politician with a blood thirsty craving for more control and influence. The other is the good-looking, streetwise rogue cop looking to “clear his name”. Which do you think we see more in America? Let me give you a hint: most of the cops I see are rocking speed traps at the corner of Central and South.

The politician as evil powerbroker isn’t a new theme. Frankly I’d like to see more of it to expose the system for what it is: uh disastrously broken. But at the risk of already getting too “political” I’ll cut it off by jut saying, “Go get em Marky Mark.” Russell Crowe is annoying enough as it is. Russell Crowe as a politician? That [email protected]#$er needs to go down. Hard.

Broken City follows Billy Taggert* (Wahlberg) as a cop-turned-PI working for Mayor Crowe on a sting to catch the latter’s cheating wife (Catherine Zeta-Jones), only to get embroiled in whatever controversy keeps this movie moving for one hundred minutes.

*It can’t be a coincidence that this character combines the names of the two greatest detectives in movie history, Beverly Hills Cop’s Detective Billy Roseweood and Sergeant John Taggart. This happened on purpose right?

Directed by Allen Hughes (The Book of Eli-48%, From Hell-57%), this flick doesn’t look too different than the hundred other evil-politician/ rogue cop productions we’ve seen over the years. The cast is strong but the story looks like we’ve been-there-done-that. I think critics fall somewhere near the middle. The Rotten Watch for Broken City is 48%

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