The other day my daughter, Little Rotten Week, told Mrs. RW that there was an invisible man, wearing a coat, eating a bagel, sitting in the tiny chair in her room. Mrs. RW looked and didn’t see anything, but my daughter insisted. There was a dude sitting “right there, right there!”. This freaked my wife out something fierce, but I calmly explained there was nothing to worry about because one of two options existed, both benign. Option A: the kid’s got a wild imagination. Option B: there is a carb-ingesting ghost living in our house, but we’ve been here five years and he’s given us no beef. So, it’s all good. But at least I can sympathize with the characters from this movie. Ghosts can get a little freaky.

Granted my daughter wasn’t found abandoned in a cabin in the woods like these two little urchins. Their five years in the wilderness should have been proof enough that they weren’t ready for domestication. (Off to the orphanage with ya, bring your evil there.) But no, Lucas and Annabel (Jessica Chastain and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) are the bleeding heart types and the two girls come to live with them, demons in tow. What ensues is Evil Kid 101 with all the requisite creepy whispering and a lot of kid nightgown wearing. (Ever notice possessed/ evil/ troubled little girls in movies wear nightgowns? It’s the only place you see it happen.)

First time feature director Andres Muschietti directs with Guillermo del Toro on as executive producer. The latter is a good omen for the critical score as three of the last four movies he EP’d were Splice (74%), Rise of the Guardians (74%) and The Orphanage (86%). He only missed on While She Was Out (31%). I think this latest ends up with the first group, a strong horror showing with just enough intrigue to keep critics on the positive side. The Rotten Watch for Mama is 67%

Which Rotten movie will have the highest final Tomatometer score?

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