Recapping last week:

Well to say I’m disappointed is a mild understatement. I spent much of the week thinking I’d completely nailed Gangster Squad (Predicted: 51% Actual: 34%). It hovered around fifty percent until about Thursday, and then it was all over red rover. The score kept dipping, and dipping and dipping with critics like Katey giving it two stars in her review. She hated it and so did a bunch of other critics. I’m glad my suspicion that it wouldn’t be excellent was validated, but would have loved to be closer on this one. Needless to say, this flick is a disaster for Ruben Fleischer. A big budget flick like this scoring around sixty-five percent negative reviews could mean Zombieland was the exception, not the rule, for his young career.

Meanwhile, completely nailed A Haunted House (Predicted: 8% Actual: 10%). This is no great feat and honestly, if anything, I thought I’d gone a bit high especially after watching it ring in with a resounding zero percent early in the week. Thankfully two critics saw fit to call it “good” bumping the score up close to an exact match.

Next time around we go witch hunting, put together an ensemble and get Statham’d. It’s going to be a Rotten Week!

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