Despicable Me 2
I feel like taking over the world, super villain-style is becoming increasingly more likely with the interconnectivity of our systems, the world’s general “flatness” and the diminishing intelligences of our planet’s base. A properly motivated evil scientist, web developer, hedge fund manager or something of the like could probably, with a little sweat equity, garner control of Earth and bend it to his/her will. In other words: there’s never been a better time to don a futuristic suit, get a cat and get busy taking over the world.

It’s a shame then that Gru finds himself out of the game in Despicable Me 2. Raising his girls in the suburbs, having his minions perform odd jobs around the house, and dealing with the malaise over everyday life has this former super villain remarkably complacent. That is until he’s asked to work for the other side, tracking down the next generation of high level criminal.

Directed by Pierre Coffin and Chris Renaud (Despicable Me-81%, and Renaud helmed The Lorax-54%), this Illumination Entertainment animated film is already garnering generally positive reviews from critics. Sitting at 79% through about 35 reviews, this flick should finish within range of its predecessor. That being said, I see the score dipping a bit over the course of the week as many of the early reviews work from a similar theme: good but flawed. As more critics see it the score will drop leaving it out of the “awesome” range. But not to worry super villains, your time is now. Take it. The Rotten Watch for Despicable Me 2 is 67%

Which Rotten movie will have the highest final Tomatometer score?

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