Recapping last week:

Finally, a positive week. Finally. To start, Dredd (Predicted: 81% Actual: 77%), as I thought, dropped a little over the week. And though I had a bit of a head start, it fell enough to make this score a winner for The Rotten Watch.

Meanwhile, Trouble with the Curve (Predicted: 52% Actual: 53%) was nearly a direct hit, and if I had posted yesterday it would have been right on the money. But it ticked up a point over night and I missed by one percent. Still pumped.

End of Watch (Predicted: 90% Actual: 85%) had a little head start but we’ll still count it, as I had the score dipping a little from last week.

And finally, the one miss of the week, House at the End of the Street (Predicted: 41% Actual: 14%). I knew when I looked on Thursday and no reviews were posted on RT that I was screwed. When those reviews come in way late in the game the movie typically blows. And right on cue we get one below fifteen percent. The rest of the week was so positive I can’t harp too much on this, but it was a decent miss.

Next time around Liam Neeson uses his particular set of skills and dogs come back to life. It’s going to be a Rotten Week!

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