This is the End
Ah the apocalypse, the thing the loony fringe has been dying to happen for years. Anything to legitimize their already crazy thoughts and fallout shelters built in the backyard, stuffed with 400 years of dry goods and ammunition. Honestly, I haven’t thought too much about the end of the world, my life being amazing and all. But if I had to ride out the end of days with a group of dudes, the ones from this movie might be the posse I’d choose. It’d at least be hilarious right?

Playing supposedly fictionalized versions of themselves, Seth Rogen, Jay Baruchel, Craig Robinson, Jonah Hill, Danny McBride and James Franco are together for the long haul after the world starts crumbling around them. What happens next seems an ever-escalating series of no-goodness as they struggle to survive with little more than Franco’s mansion, some beers, ‘shrooms and a sex-crazed Michael Cera running amok. In other words, it looks hilarious.

These are all guys who not only bring a fairly consistent form of funny to their recent works, but also don’'t seem to have a problem poking fun at themselves and each other. It’s an interesting concept to have these dudes, again, as themselves, hunkering down amidst their own incompetence when it comes to things like getting along and survival.

Seth Rogen and longtime friend and Superbad (88%) writing partner Evan Goldberg make their directorial debuts with this film. Early reviews are strong to great. Through more than twenty reviews it’s sitting at a cool 89%. Granted, the early opinions usually favor the film so I expect the score to dip a bit as the week goes on and it hits more of the mainstream media (the pot jokes and over-the-top sex gags might not rub everyone the right way - pun intended). But overall, this will be a strong comedic showing from a group of actors who really should be getting consistent laughs when all teamed together. It only took the apocalypse to get them up on screen at the same time. The Rotten Watch for This is the End is 78%

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