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I have a feeling I know what Tyler Perry was trying to do with this flick. Celebrating the idea of single motherhood in a socially-conscious and respectable way as it becomes more of a cultural norm. I have no problem with that agenda necessarily, as it makes sense to shed light on the changing landscape of "family" and the empowering of females who have been "left" to raise families all on their own. The problem is that this vehicle for social commentary looks idiotic at best and damaging at worst.

Here's the official trailer for Tyler Perry’s Single Moms Club in case you haven't seen it yet...

Setting up a scenario in which a diverse group of single moms are made to work on a school fundraiser together because their kids got in trouble or something and then subsequently join to together to empower each other in single-mom hood by ensuring they find new, eligible men is an odd message. Granted this is just from the trailer, but Tyler Perry looks like he’s aiming for a message of empowerment that might miss the mark by more than a few degrees. And before anyone jumps up and says, "But you haven’t seen the movie, how can you make judgments like this?" I’d say, the trailer is the studio’s representation of what they want others to consider about said movie. The message seems clear: stand up to your old man, and find a new man (oh and your kids are somewhere around too). Did anyone else notice that for a movie about single moms, the kids are barely in the trailer?

Tyler Perry’s critical track record makes this prediction rather easy. His flicks recently fall solidly in the 35% or below range. Films like A Madea Christmas (19%), Temptation (15%) and Good Deeds (31%) are decent comps, though the rest of his resume is pretty par for this course. We’ve learned not to expect too much from Perry, in message or critical acclaim.

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