Rotten Watch Prediction
Reasons I would make a good DEA agent (from what I’ve deduced from movies):

1. I’m cocky but in a jovial, fun-loving kind of way.

2. I’m good at yelling, "Clear!!!" when entering a room.

3. I wear hats backwards.

4. I can grow a variety of styles of facial hair to match my "personality"

5. I like to drink celebratory beers after a good bust (or whatever they call it)

I’m not sure if these things are on the job application, but from a variety of movies, it looks like they are critical attributes for successfully apprehending drug bad guys.

See what else you need to be a good DEA agent from the TV spot for Sabotage...

Arnold Schwarzenegger stays in his lane. I appreciate this about him. His movie roles rarely deviate from his persona, making most of what he’s done eminently watchable. He even stayed in his lane while in office, embracing the Governator tag and basically running California much the same as if he were playing a character who’d looked and sounded like Arnie getting elected to political office. It’s amazingly meta. Just thinking about who was running the state, was it Schwarzenegger or Schwarzenegger playing Schwarzenegger? See what I mean?

Anyway, here he is again, basically playing himself but this time as the head of a DEA task force that gets caught up in a sting gone kind of bad after money they seize goes missing. (Another reason I’d be a good DEA Agent is I’d definitely not touch all the confiscated cash. It’d be all about the job for me.) Arnie and his squad commence on a cartel killing spree as the hunted become the hunters. It’s basically just your standard action movie, this one with a real strong cast.

Director David Ayers is another guy who stays in his lane. He writes and directs cop movies that deviate just enough from the norm as to make them at worst pretty watchable and at best, really good. He penned Training Day (72%) and Dark Blue (58%) and directed End of Watch (85%). Ayers has some duds in there, but that’ll happen when doing much the same thing all the time.

I think his latest finishes sub 50% with critics, but is a quality popcorn watch nonetheless. And it’ll give me more things I can add to my DEA cover letter.

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