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Speaking of learning things from movies here’s another one. If you are about to go somewhere (vacation, party, archeological dig, etc) and a buddy suggests you record the whole thing you decline without hesitation. Another thing we’ve parsed out from film is that when amateur filmmakers in flicks turn the cameras to "document" an event rest assured so major league terribleness is about to go down. Monsters, alien attacks, ghouls, ghosts, ancient demons, they all come out of hiding when the crappy camera starts rolling. I’m not sure if it’s causation or correlation thing, but just play it safe by keeping the camera off.

Here’s another group of rubes that wants to record its findings in the trailer for As Above/ So Below,

It’s says a lot about this trailer that I spent much of the time being driven nuts trying to remember where I’d seen the actor Ben Feldman before until it struck me that he plays Ginsberg on Mad Men. Seeing him out of the vintage garb and not rambling on about copy threw me for a loop. So yeah, that was my big takeaway.

It’s not that the movie looks awful, I guess it’s fine-ish. It’s just that, much like The November Man I can’t imagine we’re going to glimpse anything new. Students/ scientists (whatever they are, who cares) enters the Paris underground to find some mystery. Lo and behold, the catacombs below aren’t filled with rich archaeological discoveries, but rather once-dormant demons hellbent on killing everyone. One thing I love about demons in these movies is they’re never motivated to do the job quickly. They’d much rather mindf#% everyone first and then pick off the characters one by one. Demons prefer a slow burn.

Director John Erick Dowdle has put out some other middling horror films like Devil (52%) and Quarantine (58%). Neither were bad films per se (I enjoyed the latter) but this latest looks to score well below his previous work. It’s all been done before and a few early reviews say as much. Coming out in theaters this time of year is typically a death knell. This one finishes real low. But hey, at least we know not to take our cameras with us on that next trip.

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