Recapping last week:

Overall, a strong weekend for the Rotten Watch. Fast & Furious 6 (Predicted: 72% Actual: 72%) was a direct hit. Of course, I had a healthy head start here with a bunch of reviews in at time of post, but hitting one right on the nose always feels good. Like I wrote last week, the Fast & Furious defies everything conceivable about long-running franchises and “success”. That the fifth and sixth movies in the run have blown away the early flicks in every conceivable metric is astounding. Instead of limping to the finish like the movie in the next paragraph, this one just keeps speeding along. It’s amazing.

As referenced above, The Hangover: Part III (Predicted: 35% Actual: 21%) is an example of exactly what you don’t want happening with your brand. Though my prediction missed the mark by just a few points, my feelings were on the money. The second two flicks about the Stu, Alan and Doug trio were perfect examples of why you shouldn’t pump out flicks strictly for the dollar bills.

And finally, Epic (Predicted: 65% Actual: 63%) was one of my best predictions of the year. No early reviews. Nothing but a feeling and some research into the Blue Sky Studio’s previous works. Animated flicks aren’t my cup of tea, but this prediction is a nice addition to the resume.

Next time around we start an internship and start to purge. It’s going to be a Rotten Week!

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