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I know this movie posits itself as being set in a dystopian future where Detroit is a crumbling relic of its once great industrial glory. And now all that sits on its foundations is a group of abandoned brick apartment buildings controlled by violent street gangs. Is this really dystopian? Or is this just the reality? I haven’t been to Detroit recently, and honestly have no plans to visit. But calling it a dystopian future might be a little misleading. Let’s just call it Detroit and be done with it.

Want to see what I mean? Check out the Brick Mansions trailer:

My reaction to this trailer would probably be very different if this weren’t Paul Walker’s final full movie he filmed before he passed. The flick takes on a new direction knowing the principle actor is no longer with us. Forgive me if my judgment is a little cloudy. I suspect it will be that way for many critics as well. This is neither correct, nor incorrect. It just is.

I get the sense this flick set out knowing exactly what it wanted to be: a high octane, fight-a-minute stunt fest with the loosest of loose stories hovering around the edges. A remake of the French film District 13, it looks like they’ve basically set up a big cage match for the principles, with the cage being a walled off portion of Detroit where anything goes. Walker's character and his partner (David Belle) are sent in to fight there way in and out of it. What goes down looks like an ever-escalating series of shoot’em ups, car chases, hand-to-hand fights and really anything else they could pack into ninety minutes in order to ensure the actors wouldn’t have to do too much speaking.

Whatever. It looks fun. I doubt first time feature director Camille Delamarre had any intentions of taking home a golden statue with this one. It’s meant to be fun, action-packed and appealing to its demographic.

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