Grown Ups 2
Is it ironic that a movie about “grown ups” appeals to a base well under the age of sixteen? This might be irony in its purest form. A group of comedians banding together to pool their collective remnants of funny, squeezing the last laughs out of the comedic stone, catering to the lowest common denominator (well, if not the lowest, something hovering in that range), telling canned jokes with rimshot punchlines. But can we blame them? That this will probably clean up at the box office is just another indictment of our societal downward spiral, our own idiocracy hell bent on removing things like “thought” from the equation. It’s one thing to be bad. There are lots of bad movies. It’s another thing to be bad and have the general population think its good. That [email protected]#’s downright scary.

The grown ups are back for round two, with Adam Sandler, Kevin James, David Spade and Chris Rock getting the gang back together in a story about, well, who cares. Even the people that like this movie won’t care about the story. I’m actually surprised the “filmmakers” didn’t just put in a laugh track to make it easier for everyone. That’s the next step isn’t it? I mean the trailer has a moose pissing in Sandler’s bed and the boys jumping naked on to each other. These were considered to be some of the funniest pieces, the hooks.

Directed by Dennis Dugan, a dude who’s helped carry Sandler to the critical basement (though Happy probably needed no assistance) with movies like Jack & Jill (3%) Just Go With It (19%) and the original Grown Ups (9%). But not to fear, Sandler isn’t necessarily the only piece of the crappy movie equation for Dugan. Dude can do plenty of bad all on his own with The Benchwarmers (11%) and National Security (11%). This latest will be no different, adding to the whole crew’s collective critical demise. But does it really matter? That they’ll make millions off this flick is just a bad sign for us in general. The Rotten Watch for Grown Ups 2 is 11%

Which Rotten movie will have the highest final Tomatometer score?

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