Recapping last week:

Oh thank goodness The Lone Ranger (Predicted: 55% Actual: 24%) ws terrible. I hedged at the end with my prediction, and because I had a read a few non-official reviews of the flick, but my gut for sure saw this thing as being terrible. For many of the reasons I stated: Depp looks ridiculous, nobody cares about the Lone Ranger, it’s all visuals-no substance, etc. With the big price tag, this thing is gearing up to be a major flop at the box office. Sean put it perfectly in his review when he said director Gore Verbinski is “guiding his career along a well-worn path carved out by vacationers to Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom in Orlando.” Perfect.

Meanwhile, Despicable Me 2 (Predicted: 67% Actual: 75%) gets a win in the Rotten Watch book. I had a head start here, so it isn’t a major victory, but we’ll take it nonetheless. I expected it to dip a bit more as the week went on, but the positive reviews kept coming in at a three-out-of-four rate, giving this sequel a fresh rating.

Next time around it’s a big one when we conjure up stuff, go red again, kick it up into turbo gear and fight crime from beyond the grave. It’s going to be a Rotten Week!

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