The Big Wedding
Let me just start by saying that I only made it to the 1:52 mark in this trailer before hitting the Eject button and bailing out. So if, for some reason, the last thirty-or-so seconds take a turn for the creative, humorous and intelligent then forgive me. Otherwise, I think we can all agree this movie represents the movie industry’s attempt to present completely implausible scenarios with a completely unbelievable cast of characters in completely ridiculous settings, all in the name of appealing to the Baby-Booming (upper) middle class who go out and buy movie tickets.

First of all, the premise is moderately confusing, and not in the cerebral, thought-provoking kind of way. It’s more in the the contrived and stupid vein. Guy’s getting married. Guy is adopted. Guy’s adopted parents are divorced. Guy’s birth mother is religious and doesn’t believe in divorce. Entire family puts on an elaborate ruse to convince birth mom that foster parents are still together. Robin Williams is a priest. Hilarity ensues.

The rest of the movie appears written from the leftovers of failed family comedies. Foster mom doesn’t understand English making for the contrived “lost in translation” angle. Everyone involved is, at least on the surface, super rich so they’re not at all relatable. I paused right at the point the entire wedding party accidentally fell in a body of water, giving us a hearty, “Hahahaha, they got wet!” laugh. “Tension” stems from, well I don’t really know where because this flick looks awful.

Director Justin Zackham takes another turn behind the lens after writing and helming Going Greek (no reviews, so that’s cool). He wrote also wrote The Bucket List (40%). If his latest finished above the forty percent mark (marking a career best for the guy) I’d be shocked. It’s a veiled attempt to throw a bunch of big names on the screen and hope for the best. The Rotten Watch for The Big Wedding is 51%

Which Rotten movie will have the highest final Tomatometer score?

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