The Conjuring
When the words “Based on the true story of the Warrens...” flashes across the screen in this trailer I want you to real quick head over to the website of Ed and Lorraine Warren at The New England Society for Psychic Research and decide how much of anything that comes out of their “files” could be true. That is of course if you are able to look at the site for a prolonged period of time without getting a headache (I wasn’t).

But don’t let me tell you about them. Just read their bios (assuming you can get past the red, white and blue font with twinkling light background). I mean they are a demonologist and trance medium, husband/wife team who investigated the Amityville Horror so you know they’re legit.

All that being said, looking past this thing being, by any realm of the imagination, “true”, The Conjuring has been an early hit with critics. It tells the story of yet another stubborn family, beset upon by spirits/ demons/ whatever in their home, who refuse to pack the moving van and beat tracks out of Dodge (Rhode Island). Instead, they call in the Warrens (Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson) to flush out the baddies in order to retain some resale value on the house.

Early reviews have it as a strong haunted house horror, scary and gripping. Director James Wan has a mixed bag resume with Insidious (66%), Death Sentence (20%) and Saw (48%) but his latest is sitting at a cool 87% through fifteen reviews. This score seems inversely proportional to the legitimacy of the source material. But who cares really? A good scary movie is a good scary movie no matter how dubious the source material may be. The Rotten Watch for The Conjuring is 76%

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