Winter’s Tale
Love can keep you alive forever? Is this for real? Because if that’s true, my love for Cookies and Cream ice cream should have me good to go for the rest of eternity. Man I love that stuff. Oh and my wife and kid also. They’re great as well. But that Cookies and Cream is going to keep me going for awhile. Of course, in this flick, Colin Farrell doesn’t pine for high cholesterol treats, but for the love of a woman. And that has him spanning a hundred years in New York City.

The trailers are quick to remind you that director Akiva Goldsman won an Academy Award for his screenplay on A Beautiful Mind (76%). He’s also written screenplays for Cinderella Man (80%) and I am Legend (70%). Of course they fail to mention some of his other work like Batman and Robin (12%) and The Da Vinci Code (25%). Hey, you win some, you lose some. The question is what part of his resume does Winter’s Tale fall for Goldsman?

On its surface it all appears a bit too schmaltzy to be taken completely seriously by critics. I get that there’s a mystical aspect to the novel and you need to suspend disbelief to appreciate the central arc of a character who has qualities that allow him to live forever. But even with that in mind, I’d be shocked if critics really took to the production. I think it falls somewhere around the middle as some will latch on to the story and acting (some real nice players in this thing) while others are turned off to the mystical aspect. The Rotten Watch for Winter’s Tale is 54%

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