Five things that I hate:

Beers that mention “cranberry” anywhere on the bottle

When my American Wagyu is even a degree overcooked

Big, and small, and medium-sized government


The title of this movie

Frankenweenie? What the [email protected]#$? I have a distinct feeling that if anyone but Tim Burton walked into a movie studio and pitched this as the idea/ title for a movie, the cynical and condescending laughter alone would have closed the door on said director’s career for good.

But, alas it was Tim Burton, and recent not-so-successful work aside (Dark Shadows-38%, Alice in Wonderland-51%) dude’s got street cred. And once I hurdle some titular cognitive dissonance, I’m seeing a movie critics feel is a return to form for His Odd-ness. It’s a remake of live action short he made back in the 80’s using stop motion animation to tell the story of little Victor sparking his dog back to life Mary Shelley style.

Burton’s used stop-motion successfully before with Corpse Bride (84%) and Nightmare Before Christmas (96%-though he only wrote and produced, plus it was forever ago, but whatever, it’s a comp) and early reviews are trending well above positive. They aren’t all gaga (78% through eighteen reviews), but there’s enough Burton love here to feel it’ll sit well in the “Fresh” range. Man, if he had just picked a different title, this thing would be in the nineties right? The Rotten Watch for Frankenweenie is 75%
Which Rotten movie will have the highest final Tomatometer score?

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