Into the Storm
Rotten Watch Prediction
Man, tornadoes are just so hot right now. They are like the new vampires. Or dragons. Whether they’re bringing a deadly wave of sharks to a city near you, or just simply leveling your entire town, never have tornadoes been a bigger draw in media. Don’t worry hurricanes, you’ll have your time too. It might just take a little while. Tornadoes are where it’s at.

Take a look at another sexy tornado in Into the Storm,

Steven Quale (Final Destination 5-65%) directs a found footage take on the destruction of these dangerous storms. In many ways this doesn’t look too different from his other film - just replacing the unseen force of "death" with tornadoes as the primary antagonist. The Final Destination movies made their bones on ever-escalating forces conspiring to put the protagonists in stickier and more deadly situations. This film looks about the same, with storms growing stronger across a small town and threatening the lives of everyone within the vicinity. Having strong winds operate as the primary bad guy seems like it would make for a better short film than a full-length feature (Twister folks shrug their shoulders and grin), and yet here we are gearing up for ninety minutes of "Phew, that tornado passed. But uh-oh, here comes an even bigger tornado!"

Offering the allure of found footage to detail the devastation of the storms seems a little too device-y; like it’s a way to add a new twist (like that?) on a storm chaser film. Part horror film, part thriller, I would suspect Into the Storm runs a bit too long. If not, then this is probably some expert filmmaking because watching bigger and bigger tornados sucking bigger and bigger things into the sky just seems like it’d grow old after a while. But man it’s a good time to be a tornado in media.

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