Recapping last week:

A pretty good week for critical predictions. To begin, Ender’s Game (Predicted: 59% Actual: 62%) dipped the requisite amount over the course of the week. The score started in the seventies, but the early reviews gave the impression the flick wasn’t without its flaws. This score is a bit of a shame, especially for me (and countless others) who loved the book. Many said this was the unfilmable movie, and this score suggests there were issues. And for those who were considering not seeing it based on author Orson Scott Card’s umm, less-than-progressive-sort-of-downright-obtuse-and-offensive views, well read Mack’s piece on why that makes no sense.

Next up was Last Vegas (Predicted: 45% Actual: 43%), very nearly a direct hit. If anything, I thought I might have gone a little high on this score. It was just so hard to see a movie with this much acting firepower (even if they did appear washed up and hokey) scoring on the bottom quarter of the Tomatometer. It’s funny. Often times movies with scores in this range will have a certain theme in the reviews. Critics will say something along the lines of, "It had it’s moments but overall the film just didn’t deliver." The reviews will hedge a bit. Not with this film. Anecdotally, reviews fell into two camps which were: "Better than the Hangover!" or "Totally dreadful mess!" with not much too else in between. Kristy’s review fell close to the latter opinion, calling the plot "insipid" and Michael Douglas and Robert De Niro’s work, "painfully one-note performances."

And finally, just in time for Thanksgiving, Free Birds (Predicted: 49% Actual: 21%) was [email protected]#$ing awful. I wrote about the philosophical and economic principles this movie might be touching on as well as the moral quandary present anytime time travel is brought into the mix. Alas, it seems I was mislead as really it just turned out to be your standard animated piece of garbage about turkeys. Oh well.

Next time around it’s a best man’s holiday. It’s going to be a Rotten Week!

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