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Oh man. I was going to ask how the hell something like this got made as a sequel until I saw that the first one was made for $2.5 million and earned $60 million at the box office. So that answered that question. Otherwise there would be no fundamental reason why something this horrendous looking would come around for number two.

Want to see what I mean? Check out the A Haunted House 2 trailer:

I can’t imagine there are many differences between this and the first A Haunted House (10%). Directed by Michael Tiddes, this sequel does all the things you would expect a horror spoof flick to do. It plays up many overused horror tricks, especially the found footage/documentary-style scary movies that have been being made ad nauseum over the last decade or so. Granted, it looks ridiculous and stupid, but I suspect the people involved care very little about that assessment. This is a cash grab plain and simple.

Spoof movies need not become stale, useless timewasters (most of them are) and the genre can have its merits when done correctly. This doesn't appear to be one of those times of course. A Haunted House 2 will appeal to the lowest common denominators and a lot of those people buy movie tickets.

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