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Do you really want me to say something flip about a movie that is all about bears and uses Phillip Phillips in the trailer? It doesn’t get any safer than that unless you get some non-controversial actor with no media controversy to narrate. Someone like John C. Reilly... Oh wait? Really? Man there’s nothing to dig at. Crap.

See the movie that has my snark on hold in the trailer for Bears:

Bears is from the Disneynature studio that also brought along African Cats (71%), Oceans (81%) and Earth (87%). That’s a nice little critical run. Part of it is obvious: the visuals are superb with wide views of sweeping landscapes. This goes a long way in winning critically, but the Disneynature movies also add in an element of story to the natural world. This part isn’t easy either, but the Disneynature folks seem to get it.

What do you want me to say? It’s about cute looking bears roaming around the woods doing bear stuff with cool music in the background. That’s about as safe as it gets.

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