47 Ronin
Well this sounds familiar. Keanu Reeves is a loner, an outcast, who is the only one out there with the ability to stop a larger-than-life evil from taking over. He is enlisted by a small group to help fight against this enormous army because Reeves possesses skills far and beyond those of the typical human. He and his group are severely outnumbered and the enemy appears indestructible, but with Reeve’s power they stand a chance of saving the world. They will use martial arts, special effects and a host of weaponry to take down this evil force and save humanity. I’m trying desperately to think of where I’ve heard this story before. If anyone can help me out here I’d appreciate it, because I’m at a loss.

While 47 Ronin looks visually stunning, it’s difficult for me to clear the been-there-done-that hurdle, specifically with Reeves. It looks like he’s playing Neo with longer hair and a kung fu uniform. The story, based on events in 18th century Japan, looks like it takes some basic ideas from the original account and adds all manners of, well, nonsense. Sorcery, giants, a chick that turns into a dragon, one dude with like a million tattoos, firethrowers, foggy forests all make for a flick that looks pretty ridiculous. Like what would happen if a group of middle schoolers got together and made a list of what should be a samurai movie. And they just kept listing things. And the movie makers kept putting it in. And then Reeves got to star in it.

First time director Carl Rinsch helms this thing. And while the visuals do look decent, the rest of it could very well fall into the "sh#$% mess" category. I think the latter is very likely. Reeves channeling Neo through and through will certainly provide a little deja vu for viewers, and not in a good way. Kind of like the deja vu Neo experienced in the Matrix, just before everything went to hell. That kind of bad deja vu. This flick gets crushed by critics. The Rotten Watch for 47 Ronin is 31%

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