Recapping last week:

An up and down week last time with four movies entering theaters. Let’s get to the bad first.

Red 2 (Predicted: 63% Actual: 40%) fell well below expectations and significantly below its predecessor. This is probably to be expected considering the original was such a surprise hit, that trying to replicate the success with a sequel was bound to fall short. The trailer threw me off as it looked like a quirky good time with a strong cast. Katey says as much in her review mentioning Willis as having a good time on screen. But the rest of the story appears to miss the mark making for a lackluster score and a well-off prediction.

Meanwhile R.I.P.D. (Predicted: 33% Actual: 11%) was a piece of [email protected]#$. Whenever I think a movie is going to be bad, I always hem and haw about how low to actually go with the score. In some ways I’m happy with this prediction because I was only off in the “just how bad will it be” category. But it was still off by a considerable margin. I mentioned in my write up how this looked like a Men in Black clone. Was I right? Check out this piece by Kristy Puchko detailing the similarities in the two movies’ trailers.

Now let’s get to the wins. Turbo (Predicted: 64% Actual: 66%) was almost dead on. Part of the credit here goes to DreamWorks whose movies, especially of late, are remarkably consistent in this range. That kind of history made the prediction easy as I put it right in line with the others. We’ll take it.

And finally The Conjuring (Predicted: 76% Actual: 85%) just made it. I had a bit of a head start here, but expected the score to dip a bit over the course of the week. The needle didn’t really move but stayed just within ten percent.

Next time around we grab our two guns and head back to visit the Smurfs. It’s going to be a Rotten Week!

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