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Couldn’t even get through the trailer for this one. In what appears to be a movie that was created something like this:

Hack 1: Okay, let’s brainstorm some rom-com ideas. I’ll kick it off. It’s starts with a blind date.

Hack 2: Ooh, good, okay. Blind dates are great. We’ll have a hot sauce gag in there for sure. And then date goes bad, but the two get back together because of a credit card mix-up.

Hack 1: Nice, yeah and then the two hate each other, but by a twist of insane fate they and their families end up in, hmmmmm. It needs to be somewhere different. Bingo! Africa

Hack 2: Holy shit. The rest of this will write itself. We just highlight every cliche thing ever associated with an entire continent into the flick and call it a day.

Hack 1: Get Sandler on the horn.

Check it out for yourself with the Blended trailer:

If the creative process for this flick went down any other way I’d be shocked. What a mess. Typically, Sandler movies are only insulting to those with brains, or taste, or class. But now he’s taken it a step further, insulting what appears to be an entire continent. Well played.

7, 20, 19, 3, 10. Know what those numbers represent? The Rotten Tomatoes scores for Adam Sandler’s last five films. He also gets a hat tip for his credit as screenwriter on Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star, infamously scoring the elusive 0%.

This movie looks absolutely atrocious. It’s what we’ve come to expect from Sandler. I don’t even begrudge the guy. Mostly because I think he stopped trying years ago. Though it should be said that the box office returns have been there which probably speaks to the state of our society more than Sandler himself. I’d keep hammering those checks too.

Frank Coraci directs, not exactly lending any hope to the critical reception. His last couple of flicks Here Comes the Boom (38%), Zookeeper (14%), Click (32%) tell the story on their own. This thing looks like a piece of garbage.

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