Ruben Fleischer is about to get to work on his follow-up to Zombieland, the caper comedy 30 Minutes or Less, but before he heads to that Michigan shoot he's making sure his next project is in line too. Sony announced today that Fleischer will direct their comedy project Babe in the Woods, about a female Yale freshman who, however inexplicably, becomes a target of the Mob.

The script is written by Mike White, known for a career that includes writing The School of Rock and The Good Girl, directing Year of the Dog, acting in Gentlemen Broncos and this brilliant web short, and competing alongside his dad on The Amazing Race. You've got to love the guy for the sheer variety he brings to this world if nothing else. White's writing credits suggest a clever and slightly off-kilter sense of humor that seems perfect for Fleischer, who would also be bringing his action sensibilities over from Zombieland and 30 Minutes or Less. Really, it just feels good to see two people you like team up for something that sounds worthwhile. And with the central role of a female college student up for grabs and Fleischer already having directed Emma Stone, the casting might turn out to be just as promising

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