I’m a big fan of Paul Rudd. The man is not only an extraordinary actor, but he’s been involved in some of the biggest comedies of the last decade, showing off his comedic talent. Usually Rudd takes a backseat as a supporting performer, but this weekend he takes the lead in Role Models along with Sean William Scott.

Rudd isn’t only looking at leading roles. In fact, anyone who has kept up with entertainment news has heard the actor’s name associated with possible sequels to movies he’s already been involved in (Anchorman) or films he hasn’t yet stepped foot in yet (Ghostbusters). During a recent interview, AICN got the chance to ask Rudd about these possible sequels and it turns out he knows just about as much as we do… and from the same sources.

Rudd admits he heard about the sequels to Anchorman and Ghostbusters from the Internet. Fortunately, the star is in a better position to call up the proper people and get more details. ” I saw Will Ferrell and talked about it with him briefly. And, I e-mailed Adam McKay, saying ‘I’m so into the idea of doing it,’ but, it has to be weirder than Anchorman. I mean, there’s no point…I mean, I think everyone thinks there’s no point in doing it, unless it’s something very strange and funny and specific. But, I do think that everybody is excited about the idea. It just needs to be written. And, getting Adam and Will to…their schedules are so crazy.”

More details than that haven’t really been shared. Rudd heard the same rumor about dropping the characters into the ‘80s, which he says makes sense, although he’d like to see the film go farther. Rudd even shared that the first version of the first Anchorman was pretty much unfilmable: ”There were so many anchormen on a plane, and they were smoking so much that the plane filled up with so much smoke that the pilots couldn’t see. And, the plane crashed on an island inhabited by orangutans. They were transporting on the plane tons of martial arts equipment, so it turned into kind of like a battle of the apes and anchormen and had orangutans throwing Chinese throwing stars at each other. It was a full-on epic.”

The interview has some other really good stuff in it, including how the actor met Judd Apatow and Rudd all but apologizing for last year’s Over Her Dead Body with Eva Longoria. Check it out over at AICN.

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