Now that David Slade is confirmed to direct a new Daredevil reboot for Fox, the latest round of superhero casting speculation can revolve around the blind hero who fights, like they all do, for justice. And because Slade's last film was The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, that speculation was obviously going to include Robert Pattinson sooner or later. Today Moviehole is the first out of the gate, talking to a friend who was also up for the directing job, and who reports "some kind of talk" about Pattinson taking the lead role.

Granted this is pretty much the vaguest kind of rumor you can get-- there's no word on who's talking about it, how serious that talk is, or even how much anyone wants to see Pattinson take the part. Then there's the fact that Pattinson may not even be interested; unlike fellow Twilight kid Taylor Lautner, who seemingly signs on to every big-budget project that looks at his abs, Pattinson seems more interested in smaller stuff like Remember Me or the upcoming Water for Elephants. I'm skeptical that he'd want to get involved at all, though who knows-- when the Twilight paychecks finally stop coming, he'll have to find some other projects that make actual money.

Consider this just the opening shot in what will likely be a long process of Daredevil speculation. It might not be the last time you hear Pattinson's name about all this, but I'm putting him at the bottom of my list of potential stars for the moment.

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