When you consider the fact that an Arrested Development movie is still a rumor by itself at this stage, it seems kind of silly to be talking about the potential plot. Mitch Hurwitz, the creator of the original television series, has been working on a screenplay for the movie version since the show was cancelled in 2006 and every so often one of the actors chimes in to say that the movie will happen someday. That said, it's entirely possible that Hurwitz has discussed the project's logline with someone and now that description has apparently made its way online.

Screen Rant has gotten their hands on a plot description from an unnamed source that they say may be officially released in the next few weeks. According to the site, the movie will be an extremely meta affair, as the plot centers around Ron Howard trying to make a movie about the Bluth family. Though he has managed to wrangle an A-list cast for the project, Tobias (played by David Cross) will actually play himself, as no actor in Hollywood wants anything to do with the part. Presumably to make sure that their side of the story gets told, the family begins working on a movie of their own to compete with Howard's. It should be noted that even Screen Rant notes this is a rumor and in no way official.

While we should obviously take this story with a grain of salt, I'm actually really hoping that it turns out to be real. Not only does it give Hurwitz the chance to vent about the insane pressure being put on him by fans, the "A-list" cast that Howard has put together could be a perfect way to draw in audiences that have never seen the show. Even better, if a official plot synopsis does actually get an official release in the next few weeks, it could mean that it's getting closer to actual production. Cross your fingers.

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