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In case if you haven’t heard, Russell Brand is over politics. He’s over the political system. He’s over Capitalism. He doesn’t vote. The British comedian recommends people band together and stop paying taxes. In short, he’s over the way society functions, and as such, he’s apparently done making Hollywood movies.

As part of a makeshift promotional tour for his Revolution and for his new book, fittingly entitled Revolution, Russell Brand had lunch with a reporter from The Financial Times, and during the conversation, he admitted he’s probably not going to act anymore because he’s sick of the feeling that making money gives him.
"It makes me scared if I think about money too much, then it makes me feel guilty. The only thing I tell the people who look after my money is, ‘Make sure my fucking taxes are 100 per cent legitimately paid,’ and then I do my own shit."

That might sound like a wild statement given he’s openly advising other people to not pay their taxes, but apparently, that’s as part of a larger movement. He’s recommending people pay their taxes until enough like-minded people agree to stop paying their taxes too. Or something. Exactly what he’s advocating for has never been completely clear. He thinks we should reject the current system in order to build a Utopia in which resources are more evenly divided and corporations have less control. The step by step to get there is a little unclear.

His views have been widely attacked in different places and denigrated as incoherent. Regardless of what the experts have to say, however, he’s extremely sincere about them. He’s coming from a place of extreme positivity and sincerity, and as a result, we’re not going to get any more Russell Brand movies, at least not for awhile.

What Russell Brand will continue to do is perform stand-up comedy. From his perspective, it’s a way to connect with a live audience and get his ideas out there. Selfishly, he also loves it a lot more than making movies and has no interest in giving it up. In all likelihood, that will keep him in front of the cameras for years to come. It’ll probably keep him getting a steady stream of movie offers too. Maybe, after he sees enough change in Britain, he’ll head back to Hollywood. Maybe, after he has a change of heart about how radical he wants his beliefs to be, he’ll head back to the States. Maybe he’ll never go. We just don’t know. So, for now, we’ll wait and see where the hell this weird, interesting and let's face it, illogical track will take Russell Brand. Until then, remember, remember the 5th of November. Or something. I guess. I'm still not really clear what he's looking for.