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Russell Crowe hasn't played a convincing romantic lead since A Good Year-- and really, since nobody saw that movie, it goes back to 2005's Cinderella Man. So now he's planning his comeback in the romance department, and he wants to be paired up with Beyonce? It sounds bizarre, but The Los Angeles Times is reporting that Crowe is the front-runner to be the male lead of the fourth remake of A Star Is Born, with Beyonce playing his love interest.

The story, which was most recently told with Kris Kristofferson and Barbra Streisand in 1976, is about a young female star whose career expands while that of her older lover goes into decline. The story has taken place both in the movie and music industry, but this one will apparently also be about music, because I guess Russell Crowe can sing better than Beyonce can act. Nick Cassavetes, who directed the weepie of the last decade The Notebook, is still in talks to direct this one as well.

There's no formal offer out toward Crowe just yet, but I think pretty much everyone involved can see that it's a good move for him. No matter how old and shaggy he's gotten over the last decade, Crowe still has a spark about him that comes through onscreen-- you can see the likes of Beyonce falling for him, especially if it's the context of him as a more successful singer, at least at the beginning. The interracial pairing will surely get some attention once filming gets started, but I'll be more interested to see if this marks the return of Russell Crowe, Hunk.