Over the same weekend that brought Internet favorite Kick-Ass a miserable opening box office, news broke that Machete, Robert Rodriguez's film that started off as a fake trailer in front of 2007's Grindhouse, would be coming this Labor Day. There's still no evidence that Machete won't meet the same fate as Kick-Ass, seen only by the people already in on the joke and completely ignored by the rest of the world. But that's not stopping yet another Grindhouse trailer from going the feature route.

Actually, Hobo With a Shotgun wasn't technically one of the fake trailers that ran in front of Rodriguez and Tarantino's film (which, itself, was a flop), but it won an online contest that followed the film, expertly mimicking the old 70s exploitation tone. The short trailer was directed by Jason Eisener, whom Ain't It Cool has learned is planning to start directing a feature version of the movie this week. And while Dave Brunt played the gruff, pissed-off hobo in the original trailer, for the feature Eisener has aimed bigger, snagging screen legend Rutger Hauer to take on the Hobo duties.

Though Hauer is an icon in his own right thanks to his role in Blade Runner, he's made plenty of movies in the last few years that no one has seen. His participation doesn't guarantee at all that Hobo With a Shotgun will be seen by anyone who didn't already watch the online trailer (embedded below), but I'm getting the feeling that's not the point. It's one level of fun to make a fake trailer with a hilarious title that involves an old man shooting countless people with a shotgun. It's another level entirely to make that an actual movie. Have at it, Eisener, and if Machete miraculously makes any money, you'll be next in line for success.

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