The Logan's Run remake has seemingly been in the works as long as The Lone Ranger with Johnny Depp, but Ryan Gosling may find a way to be in both. According to The Wrap Gosling, already set to star in Logan's Run, is also in talks to play the titular character in the Disney project, in which Depp will play the intrepid Native American sidekick Tonto, and which Gore Verbinski will direct.

The Wrap points out that his Logan's Run commitment may make the Disney movie impossible-- that dystopian sci-fi movie starts shooting in the fall, and presumably The Lone Ranger may be aiming for similar dates, though given that it's not scheduled for release until 2014 they've got plenty of time to work with. Gosling has been leaning far heavier on indie projects since reaching teen heartthrob status in The Notebook a few years back, but doing both of these movies would be, well, a very Johnny Depp circa 2000 move. Both actors can be so mannered and out-there in their performances that it's kind of hard to imagine them sharing the same frame, but then again, it's a weird combination that might make for something far more interesting than your average blockbuster.

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