The report from last Friday that Ryan Gosling might play the Lone Ranger to Johnny Depp's Tonto in a Disney project was always a little sketchy. Gosling is already committed to starring in the Logan's Run remake, and even as reports went out that he was in negotiations to play the Ranger, it was unclear if his schedule would make it possible. Now EW has gotten confirmation that it won't work out after all. His rep told them that he won't be taking the part, claiming that "Gosling's schedule was not yet firmed up."

As I mentioned when writing up the story last week, Gosling always seemed like a weird fit for the project-- the actor had actively seemed to be avoiding these kind of blockbuster projects ever since 2004's The Notebook, and it was already strange enough that he was agreeing to Logan's Run. Plus there's probably some unwritten rule that there's only room for one former indie heartthrob in a single action movie, and Johnny Depp's got that status locked up. The Lone Ranger isn't set for release until 2014, so they've got plenty of time to find someone else; share in the comments. your picks for someone to join Depp and director Gore Verbinski out on the range.

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