As if he doesn’t have enough to do playing every superhero and zombie killer under the sun, now Ryan Reynolds is set to be a CIA agent in Safe House opposite Denzel Washington. Deadline says the role in director Daniel Esposa’s drama was highly sought after, but then these days, so is Ryan Reynolds.

The movie would cast Reynolds as an agent transporting a dangerous criminal, played by Washington, after the safe house where he’s being held is compromised. I’m imagining a grittier, more Oscar worthy take on the Bruce Willis movie 16 Blocks. However it turns out, everyone from Zac Efron to Jake Gyllenhaal wanted to be involved. Ryan Reynolds won.

This is probably really, really bad news for Ryan Reynolds’s superhero movie Deadpool, which according to rumor Fox was trying to get moving by forcing Reynolds to commit to a start date, while at the same time Reynolds and his Green Lantern studio Warner Bros. may have been looking for a way to get him out of it entirely. Adding another movie to his shooting schedule, which already includes Green Lantern, The Crood, The Change-up, R.I.P.D., Most Wanted and maybe even Gunsmoke, only makes him even more likely to be unavailable when Deadpool director Robert Rodriguez comes calling.

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