If you managed to catch our Deadpool script review before it was pulled off the Internet under threat of legal action, you've already heard about what a solid script it is, and a perfect vehicle for Ryan Reynolds to become an even bigger star. Now that our review has been pulled, though, we're relying once again on random quotes from the star to learn about the movie, the latest of which comes from the print edition of Total Film (not available online, but scanned by the fanatics over at Ryan Reynolds Fan).

What he had to say is actually pretty similar to the words of praise he had for the script last month, though Reynolds did get a little more specific mentioning exactly how much darker the movie will be than the comics:

"The script is going to be a little harder. If you were going to assign a rating, the comic books at PG-13, the script right now is walking a tightrope between that and a R rating."

Reynolds also dropped some intriguing details about just how meta the movie might be:

The fourth wall is broken many times in the movie-- and it's important that we do so. I can't emphasize enough how closely the tone of the comic is being followed in the film script. But it's a nasty piece of work and that's what's important."

Again, none of this is all that new, and Reynolds probably isn't allowed to drop much more detail that we don't already know. But it's just good to have the guy out there still talking about the project, especially since the imminent arrival of Green Lantern threatens to overshadow the Merc with the Mouth entirely.

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