Not too long ago the latest trailer for Seed of Chucky dropped online. The thing that most had me disgusted about it was Chucky himself airbrushed beyond belief. Well now the airbrushing is all gone.

Now available the new Red Band R rated trailer. Same as the last one however there are some slight differences, courtesy of the airbrushing. Also new to both the trailer and the entire Chucky series....bare breasts. Caught me by surprise myself. The biggest surprise of all, a visible shot of Glen (Chucky & Tiffany’s offspring). In the Green Band trailer the same shot is blacked out and nothing is visible. Now we get to see Glen in action, all be it for a few seconds. Scroll down to view the trailer and view some of the slight differences between the two trailers. Seed of Chucky hits theatres November 12th.

-----> Click Here for the Red Band Trailer <-----
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Green Band vs. Red Band

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