When the third book in the Hunger Games series of books, Mockingjay, hit shelves on August 24, it started to look like we might have another Twilight or Harry Potter-sized literary success on our hands. Suzanne Collins' young adult series is set in a fantasy world where all children between 12 and 18 are eligible to participate in the Hunger Games, where they just fight to the death against other children. It's super dark, sure, but no more dark than being a teenager who gives birth to a vampire baby, or a child forced to battle against the dark wizard who killed your parents.

We first learned back in May that Lionsgate was hoping to go into production on a Hunger Games movie in January; now according to Deadline, they've narrowed down a list of potential directors to make that happen. Gary Ross, Sam Mendes and David Slade are the final three directors in the running, and Lionsgate plans to meet with all of them next week before making a final decision.

All three directors have been potentially attached to other high-profile projects recently. Ross has been floated as the director for a Venom movie as a Spider-Man spin-off, though it seems unlikely that project will happen given that Sony is rebooting the Spider-Man franchise. Mendes will theoretically still be taking a crack at the James Bond franchise at some point in the future, but with that movie on hold indefinitely until MGM works out its money problems, Mendes has since been rumored for Oz the Great and Powerful. And Slade, in addition to having that key Twilight connection after directing Eclipse, was recently rumored as the director for Wolverine 2.

All three directors would obviously need to adjust their schedules if they get the Hunger Games gig, but it seems like any of the three would be eager for the job, and able to put their own stamp on it. All three seem like good, if very different, choices to me; what say you, devoted Hunger Games fans?

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